Our Services

- Pipe and sewer inspection using high-tech fibre optic digital video

- Trace sewer blockages and breakages for repair

- Locate and clear blockages using power augers

- Flush pipes with high pressure water nozzles to remove grease and debris

- Clear root penetration in pipelines to prevent costly sewer backups

- Mark out utility lines prior to sawcutting concrete during construction and renovations

- Locate connection to city main lines

- Locate lost items in pipes, including jewelry

- Perform pre-purchase inspection of piping and sewer lines in your new home

- All video recorded digitally for customer on DVD or USB key for computer playback

​Our National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) certified technician is here to serve all your pipeline video and cleaning needs anywhere in Central Alberta.

 Full service special on now


$269 for video inspection of sewer line and augering for up to two hours.
Save over 20% off regular rates.


Call for details or to book appointment

* travel within 30km of Edmonton, single family home

Call or text 780-265-2365,

or email matt@avidvideo.ca
to book your appointment

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